Ephor Group is a strategic advisor for businesses that want to create wealth.

Ephor Group's Focus

Ephor Group works exclusively with businesses that have a significant growth opportunity given a landscape of unsatisfied demand.


Common attributes of all Ephor clients:

  1. Technology Enabled Business (technology is a key component and ensures high client retention and satisfaction)
  2. Recurring Revenue Model (long-term contracts plus a portfolio of products/services, plus proactively managed Client Lifecycle)
  3. Talented team includes domain experts.

Fundamental to Ephor's success is our structured approach to creating business models that fulfill accelerating demand curves.  Our thesis approach ensures we only work on opportunities that present significant wealth creation opportunities for founders and investors.


We only focus on areas where our principals have led and invested in some of the country's most notable industries. Coupled with this industry expertise we survey and conduct market research intelligence on all relevant players on an ongoing, routine, annual basis (i.e. we know all the major players, providers, and emerging contenders because we routinely survey the market).

Additionally, we consult and work with dozens of technology and service businesses in our industry sectors each year to update our insights and understandings of each thesis arena. 

We focus on asset light sectors with a high probability for wealth creation due to macro, market and demand forces. Today's market is rich for technology enabled businesses services. When asset-light, labor intensive businesses are coupled with technology and focus on providing a unique value-propositions to a highly defined audience; wealth creation moves from probable to inevitable. 


Contact us for full access to our thesis and market landscape industry reports.




About Ephor Group's Clients:

Our clients have best-in-class operating performance (email us for a list of operating measures for your industry sector) and are “perform oriented businesses”illustrated by how well their employees perform on a daily business dictates the profitability and success of the business.  Best-in-class operating performance means not only outperforming the competition, but also includes the following:

  • More revenue sources than competitors
  • Predictable revenue sources
  • Lower cost of revenue
  • A portfolio of solutions coupled with higher margins
  • Higher Revenue and Profits Per Employee ratios


Perform Business Attributes
We specialize in organizations with the following attributes in their business model:

  • Changing exogenous industry environments
  • Complex product/service distribution venues
  • End-user customer satisfaction is critical
  • Excessive customer acquisition costs
  • Labor  intensive service based value propositions
  • Large and growing market dynamics
  • Low asset based balance sheets (technology or service based)
  • Management and measurement systems and processes are critical to success
  • Multi-functional dependency
  • Recurring revenue models


Ephor Group's Mission:  is to provide the skill, resources and capital required to enable emerging technology-centric service businesses to achieve their growth and wealth objectives.

We Enjoy Deep Domain Knowledge & Experience in our Focus Areas:


Developing a unique business model and a perform-based culture within the constraints of available resources (and useful capital) makes owning and managing a business a real challenge.

Ephor Group's philosophy is cross-functional while creating mutually dependant actions that are required internally. Our people have revenue-generating, EBITDA, corporate and business development, and operational experience as owners and investors with proven track records in strategy, marketing, sales, partnering, operations, IT, finance, financial engineering, and management.

We apply a consistent, time proven methodology, our Perform Business Process™ to all of our engagements. This methodology moves beyond the symptoms to diagnose the underlying fundamental process and/or business model flaws challenging the business. We identify the issues, design and implement the solutions, often taking an active role in interim management and providing board level oversight as the company moves through its performance improvement program and growth initiatives.

Perform Business Process

Ephor Group Perform Business Process Methodology

Ephor Group is unique because:

  • Our approach creates sustainable and consistent performance both in the near and long-term.
  • Our philosophy is holistic, metrics driven, accountability based, and in alignment with the objectives of business owners, shareholders, and institutional investors.
  • Our people are experienced, results-oriented former owners and operators of businesses with c-level experience, multi-functional, backgrounds, and extensive technology and service industry experience.
  • Our process (Perform Business Process™) initiates with a pragmatic assessment of your business which includes a roadmap for improvement. Contact us for a no-obligation assessment of your situation.
  • We are not day-to-day operators of the business; however we work with management to add value in a variety of areas including:
    • Providing capital (liquidity event planning and/or investment capital)
    • Introductions to customers and industry contacts
    • Recruiting additional talent
    • Evaluating acquisition and business development opportunities
    • Implementing best practices and process improvement
    • Conducting industry research and competitive analysis
    • Strategic analysis and guidance
    • BOD (board) governance and leadership expertise

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