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As we take time to reflect and celebrate 2015; it's also time to look at the immediate needs of you and your business for 2016, coupled with a strategy focused on creating long-term wealth.  Based on interviews with more than 1,500 entrepreneurs and discussions with hundreds of institutional investors; we've summarized how to solve the most common entrepreneur mistakes with the Board of One.

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The Board of One

After advising founders, entrepreneurs and investors for nearly 15 year now, we at Ephor have come to the to the realization that founders are the key to achieving the full potential of the business. 


Likewise we have learned that founders quite often do not illustrate the relevant skills required to effectively and proactively deal with the complexities of the current economy, the rapid changing regulatory environment, nor market conditions. Specifically today’s environment requires skills that cannot only identify a market opportunity; it demands skills that can develop scalable business models resulting in capable and capacity oriented differentiated business models, that are institutional worthy. 


The ability to create a sustainable business does not necessarily coincide with the creation of wealth for the founders and leaders. And the majority of small business leaders generally illustrate a background that is dominated by one or two functional areas of expertise. (i.e. technology and engineering, or sales and marketing) Therefore these leaders rarely are “fully or adequately skilled” to effectively lead and manage all the functional areas of an emerging and complex business. This has become especially prevalent in the post 2008/20009 restructured and complex economic and legislative environment.  As a result, the Ephor Group over the past decade has developed and refined a concept entitled “Board of One”.


The Big Idea. The "Board of One" objective is to provide the skill and resources necessary to “augment” those that the emerging company leader simply does not illustrate in order to create the "CEO Entrepreneur".

The Result.  The emerging company and its leaders will have at its accessibility and disposal, the complex skills required to create exponential shareholder wealth.  At Ephor we call this “Solving the Value Equation”.  Simply stated; crossing the chasm from a small lifestyle oriented business, to a wealth creation entity requires holistic planning, effective leadership and management skills, and experience, coupled with “best of breed” operational and execution capabilities. The outcome is how entrepreneurs can become effective "CEO Entrepreneurs"!

Paradigm of Change.  Historically this “skill deficiency” issue has been solved by retaining functional/domain consultants to temporarily provide these needs, or stated differently a “bottom up” or task oriented approach. In the “new economy” this approach has frequently failed. What has proven successful is a “top down” holistic approach that builds the long-term capability and capacity of the organization. Additionally, advisory boards or formal board of directors have proven likewise generally ineffective due to the fact that founders simply does not have the time or skill requisite to manage and facilitate effective outcomes from a “pool of resources”. 


Board of One Concept. What has proven successful is the “Board of One” concept where the founder partners with a proven well established, experienced  “executive” with access to the “resources, and skills required ” that can facilitate the “project  management aspect” of developing the business processes and business model that has the capability and capacity to create exponential shareholder wealth.

Desired Outcome. The Board of One partners with the CEO Entrepreneur to make: Vision a Reality.

The Board of One concept enables entrepreneurs to not only start their business, take the core idea and transform it into a validated business, grow and expand, but also to be able to shepherd it to it a “meaningful wealth creation outcome.
Being a successful leader requires many of the fundamental gifts and talents of an entrepreneur such as: Passionate and Confident Belief, Ability to Build and Lead a Team, Creativity, Inspiration.  Entrepreneurs are natural leaders, therefore given the right skill and resource support they can transition to be successful “CEO Entrepreneur”!

In closing, I very vividly recall what Peter Drucker once said to me in January 1986: “Declare war on mediocrity and all of its attributes, as one wins the war on mediocrity; any economic, regulatory and all exogenous factors become opportunities not barriers to success!”.

Again Happy Holiday and We Wish You & Yours Only The Best!


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Garry E. Meier





About our approach

Ephor Group is an operating partner for entrepreneurs. Ephor Group's focus today is the same as its genesis more than ten years ago; to help entrepreneurs cross the chasm from a startup business to a transformational sector leader. We help build highly successful business models which has enabled our investor partners to generate best-in-class investment returns.

The firm traces its roots back to Garry E. Meier's operating experience as a public and private company chairman where he developed his methodologies. Ephor's philosophy is rooted in aligning growth strategy with satisfying large market demand opportunities. We partner with founders/owners of businesses who have created valuable franchises but have reached a stage in their business life cycle where they desire outside resources— both operational and financial—to help them evolve their businesses to the next level.


We are not a typical firm.

Ephor's approach is to think and act like business owners.

Solving the Value Equation
We partner with the leadership team to drive the execution of the growth strategy and to implement fundamental business improvements to accelerate growth and improve profitability.
Revenue Strategies for Growth


The challenges of the past few years,have convinced us that winning and succeeding is really more about having the right strategy and team, and then subsequently utilizing them; then about working longer and harder!

Over the past decade, we have had the pleasure of working with numerous technology and solution providers as well as our friends from the private equity and institutional investor arenas, with great success and learning. We thank-you. 



The goal at Ephor Group is wealth creation through the use of efficient methodologies and experienced execution,” said Garry E. Meier, Chairman, Founder, and Managing Director of Ephor Group.   


Read more about Solving the Value Equation.

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