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Strategies for Growth in 2012 and Beyond


The Playbook for Success

The demand for software and outsourcing solutions is greater than any era before, and coupled with a highly fragmented provider landscape across the globe; there is an environment filled with opportunities for expansion, growth, and consolidation.


Strategies for Growth in 2012 Series:

  1. Portfolio Distribution Expansion
  2. Portfolio Mix Expansion
  3. Useful Capital Growth Strategies

About Strategies for Growth in 2012 Series  

Based on market research surveys conducted on an ongoing basis since 2005, in 2010 and 2011 the majority of businesses have reengineered their models (8 in 10) and/or portfolio (6 in 10) and are now expanding with the majority of companies implementing new revenue strategies and tactics in to grow that leverage today's complex, global, tech-centric, and buyer-centric B2B world.


Assuming you are in an industry sector poised for growth
(American Growth Sectors / Industry Vertical Growth Thesis for Investors ); there are three (3) expansion strategies for growth for B2B software, BPO, and service providers.


When evaluating growth and expansion options, prudent leaders reduce risks (mitigate growth risks) before making any significant investment or action. When revenue best practices are used, risks are removed, and value is increased by leveraging surefire revenue tactics.



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