Ephor Group is a Management Advisory firm that invests resources in our clients to create wealth producing enterprises.


Ephor Group's holistic approach, to increase our client companies valuation and wealth creation, includes balancing the needs of the founder(s) with all stakeholders, multidisciplinary capability improvements, and formulating long-term wealth.


Our holistic approach ensures maximization of wealth and achievement of the market opportunity.

"Many times companies engage us to solve a singular issue, but almost 100 percent of the time the solution needs a combination of strategic guidance, operational portfolio improvement, corporate development augmentation, and restructured or new financial growth capital in order to solve the underlying issues." – Garry E. Meier, Ephor Group Founder

The Ephor Group has developed, implemented, and refined over the past 12 years the “Concept of Organizational Clarity.” This concept has been instrumental in the development and success of numerous transformational and industry sector leadership business models.

Organizational Clarity has four components that must work conterminously and are mutually dependent upon each other for transformational or sector leadership and success:

1. Strategic Clarity
2. Operational Clarity
3. Tactical Clarity
4. Financial Clarity

The Outcomes of Organizational Clarity include:
• A Sector Influencer or Sector Transformational Business Model
• Exponential Shareholder and Entrepreneur Wealth Creation
• Significant Economic Societal Success and Job Outcomes
• The Desired “Storybook Happy Ending” for all Stakeholders

Strategic Corporate Development Services Charles Bedard


Strategic Clarity


Strategic Clarity requires:
• A unique Value Proposition
• A well-defined and differentiated Business Model
• A stated (and adhered to) Core Set of Values and Principals
• A well-defined Strategy inclusive of a Corporate Development function
• Highly skilled Leadership Team that utilizes “Outside Expertise” and Governance


Strategic Clarity Outcomes include:

• A Branded and differentiated organization in the sector
• An ‘easy buy’ decision for the customers
• Customer clients attract referral customers
• A noted place to work, which attracts the best employees
• Significant wealth creation
• The “Yellow Brick Road” to achieve the desired “Storybook Happy Ending”
Solving the Value Equation Garry E Meier The Yellow Brick Road


Operational Clarity

    • A precise understanding of the “Target Market(s)”, sector dynamics, opportunities, competition, shareholder value “drivers”, leadership capabilities, thought & knowledge leaders and expert advisors

Tactical Clarity


Because of their unique characteristics, labor intensive companies such as technology software and service providers, create a number of challenges when working to optimize profitability:

  • Effective Customer Lifecycle Management (Mapped, Defined, Engineered)
  • Continual Increase in Unit Revenues Per Client
  • At Risk & Incentive Compensation for All
  • Effective Distribution & Channel Programs
  • Customer and employees are “Daily Aligned” with technology/IT  and analytics
  • Field Level EBITDA  Increase Consistently
  • Sales at/above Top Quartile Performance Utilization (consistent productivity)
  • Cost of Customer is Best-of-Breed in the Segment



Financial Clarity

Owners and financial types are always telling me that their company has a sales or capital shortage problem -- and almost 100% of the time lack of outside perspectives and flawed portfolio structure are the root cause barrier to creating wealth." – Garry E. Meier, Ephor Group Chairman.


Financial Clarity Outcomes include:

  • The Amount of Wealth that can be created by the "franchise" is identified
  • Execution and Investment Risk are Minimized
  • Exit Optionality is created



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