Ephor Group is a Management Advisory firm that provides Useful Capital and Management Science to create wealth producing enterprises.

Solving the Value Equation

"Solving the Value Equation" means fulfilling the full potential of your company.


Simply stated; crossing the chasm from a small lifestyle oriented business, to an enterprise which creates wealth for the founders requires a holistic strategy, founder friendly wealth planning, and an effective leadership team, coupled with “best of breed” operational and execution capabilities.


As a company grows from its singular value-proposition to a leader in its sector the business model requires the investment of useful capital, top talent coupled with a "Perform Culture", and Management Science.


All too often business complexities and lack of resources constrain the business from achieving its full potential. And far too often businesses fail to scale economically efficiently between their startup stage and their sector leadership position resulting in losses which cripple the long-term value of the business. Creating wealth crossing the chasm requires a Useful Capital Partnership, which provides more than founder friendly growth capital.





Entrepreneur Friendly Growth Capital

"Entrepreneur Friendly Capital" bridges the gap for companies looking to jump the chasm from a small or medium sized business with limited financing options to a market leader. Read more about Entrepreneur Friendly Growth Capital Financing options for founders. 






Read more about Growth Strategies:
Revenue Strategies for Growth


The challenges of the past few years,have convinced us that winning and succeeding is really more about having the right strategy and team and then subsequently utilizing them; then about working longer and harder!


It is clear to us, that to be a market leader requires a capital efficient revenue strategy which is championed by "Raving Fans"  married with Management Science. A commitment to learning and change is required to constantly improve the business model. 


The Future: Mr. Meier said he expects margin pressure to get increasingly more difficult especially in the North America labor markets due to an increase in compliance, reporting and cost burdens. Therefore consolidation of especially “sub-scale” assets to formulate scaled assets will be mandatory for survival and wealth creation.

How do you compare to market leaders?


At Ephor our many client successes have been fundamentally a result of effective and differentiated strategies, coupled with successful "Management Science ” execution elements.


As the economy migrates itself to a more "Technology Enabled Economy”; technology & process coupled with high trained and skilled human capital will be the critical success factor for services businesses. At Ephor we profess that investment in technology and human capital and the outcomes they produce will determine the few marketplace winners, and wealth creators. Due to the accelerating pace of marketplace demand and change, an effective strategy only creates as much value as the effectiveness of the execution of the business (Management Science ).


It is a well-known fact that since the 2008/2009 recession the "middle class of businesses" is a smaller % of the GDP in the economy as well as the wealth created from small businesses is “shrinking” at a much more aggressive rate.  The good news is that those that have effective strategies and efficient “Management Science ” will create the majority of wealth to be created in this “New Economy”.

If your company would benefit from a pragmatic, no obligation comparison of your "Management Science " compared to others in your sector, please contact us at Ephor[at]EphorGroup.com to chat with myself or one of my colleagues.


Over the past fifteen years, we have had the pleasure of working with numerous Technology, BPO, Marketing, Healthcare, IT, Staffing, Managed Services, Payroll and HR outsourcing providers as well as our friends from the private equity and institutional investor arenas, with great success and learning. We thank-you. 


Solving the Value Equation: Ephor Group Advisory Services

While we do not run companies on a day-to-day basis, we work with entrepreneurs to accelerate growth, improve profitability, and increase valuation. Ephor capabilities:


The goal at Ephor Group is wealth creation through the use of efficient methodologies and experienced execution,” said Garry E. Meier, Founder, Chairman, & Managing Principal Partner of Ephor Group.   


For a pragmatic discussion about your strategy and execution options compared to others in your sector, contact Ephor Group.


Founder Garry E. Meier will share some of his sector findings as well as thoughts and conclusions to solving the many challenges facing executives, including expansion and/or corporate development M& options within your industry. The outcome is how entrepreneurs can become effective "CEO Entrepreneurs"!

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