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Solving the Value Equation.

Ephor Group's mission is to provide the resources required to enable software and BPO outsourcing service businesses to achieve their wealth objectives.

Ephor Group Solving the Value Equation

Our approach is proven, investment thesis oriented, and performance based.  Our service methodologies fill in the gaps where a lack of resources and capabilities are constraining the business from realizing its potential.

At Ephor Group we believe that all stakeholders should have parallel and complimentary interests. We treat entrepreneurs, intermediaries, our investment partners, and our associates with respect coupled with a spirit of learning. We have a passion for sharing our knowledge and invite you to use this website as a knowledge resource library.

Founded by Garry E. Meier in 2003, Ephor Group has a history of helping businesses outperform the competition and achieve their wealth objectives.


Ephor Group's Philosophy

Setting the Stage for Sustained Success. 


Wealth Strategy
Our philosophy is that every company, that indeed intends to create wealth, must have a defined and validated wealth strategy that guides the direction and priorities of the business. While specific wealth strategies depend on the founders and shareholders every company should have a detailed game plan to maximize wealth creation and ensure the best possible valuation. Having a wealth strategy ensures higher valuation and a greater number of options for the business.

Business Strategy
Developing a unique business model and a perform-based culture within the constraints of available useful capital and resources makes owning and managing a business a real challenge.

Ephor Group's strategic advisory services are cross-functional while creating mutually dependant actions that are required internally. Our people have revenue-generating, EBITDA, corporate and business development, and operational experience as owners and investors with proven track records in strategy, marketing, sales, partnering, operations, IT, finance, financial engineering, and management.

We apply a consistent, time proven methodology, our Perform Business Process™ to all of our engagements. This methodology moves beyond the symptoms to diagnose the underlying fundamental process and/or business model flaws challenging the business. We identify the issues, design and implement the solutions, often taking an active role in interim management and providing board level oversight as the company moves through its performance improvement program and growth initiatives.

Ephor Group is unique because:

  • Our approach creates sustainable and consistent performance both in the near and long-term.
  • Our philosophy is holistic, metrics driven, accountability based, and in alignment with the objectives of business owners, shareholders, and institutional investors.
  • Our people are experienced, results-oriented former owners and operators of businesses with c-level experience, multi-functional, backgrounds, and extensive technology and service industry experience.
  • Our process (Perform Business Process™) initiates with a pragmatic assessment of your business which includes a roadmap for improvement. Contact us for a no-obligation assessment of your situation.

We have thirty plus years experience as sage advisors and investors, what distinguishes us is our approach and compensation beliefs. We align ourselves with the best interests of the company and its stakeholders while solving the underlying strategic, tactical, and management challenges. - Garry E. Meier


Ephor Group Services

Solving the Value Equation for Perform Businesses.


Your wealth strategy is the most important component to the success of your business. Answering some very simple questions will help you develop an action plan to best position your company.  Answering basic question such as:

  • What are your strategic options for the business in the near and long-term?
  • How are you perceived by your clients, prospects, vendors, and competitors?
  • Do you have a more effective revenue strategy than your competition?

Regardless of your goals, every business that intends to create wealth for founders, employees and shareholder’s requires the following services at some point as they grow in order to "insource" these capabilities.

Ephor Group increases strategic, operational and financial performance of our client companies therefore maximizing their market opportunity: resulting in the most optimum equity and enterprise valuations for the shareholders.

For emerging enterprises, Ephor Group enables our client companies to become institutionally investable and attract useful capital, and thus achieve wealth creation through the application of our services: Boardwalk for C-Level advisory servicesGrowthSTEP™ for Revenue Management, and Management Science for operating support.


Contact Ephor Group

To learn more about increasing valuation or improving performance contact Ephor Group at ephor[at]

Email: ephor[at]
Main: 1-713-977-3600

Mailing Address:
24 E. Greenway Plaza Suite 440
Houston, Texas 77046 

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Ephor Group For Institutional Investors: Private Equity and Venture Capital Portfolio Management Augmentation.

  • Do you have a portfolio investment which has been in the portfolio for 2-3 years and is not achieving its thesis?
  • Ask yourself: in this different economy what can we do now?
  • Have you made a recent portfolio investment and so far it has not tracked to meet its initial goals?
  • Does a portfolio company have a dysfunctional board with conflicting agendas?
  • Not sure if management is effective or not?
  • Do you have a portfolio company that needs to prepare for and/or create exit opportunities?

Ephor Group creates EBITDA improvement for technology and service based businesses generating maximum portfolio returns.

Ephor Group's extensive background as an institutional investor, operating executives, and BOD chairman will provide that market perspective consistency balance necessary to maximize returns. Our process starts with a pragmatic assessment of your business which includes a roadmap for improvement.

Ephor Group enables private equity and venture capital to:

  • Improve strategic and operating performance of individual portfolio companies
  • Make the smaller investment at lower EBITDA multiples where risk and improvement areas are identified during due diligence
  • Create effective and balanced Board of Directors and corporate governance
  • Spend less of your precious time and resources on portfolio management activities
  • Have access to domain expertise during due diligence and the portfolio management process

We specialize in organizations with the following attributes in their business model:

  • Recurring revenue model
  • Labor intensive
  • Low asset based
  • Excessive customer acquisition costs
  • Complex distribution
  • End-user customer satisfaction is critical
  • Management and measurement processes are critical to success
  • Multi-functional dependency
  • Changing exogenous environment
  • Large and growing market dynamics

We specialize in organizations in the following sector focus areas:

  • Business process outsourcing including FAO, HRO, IT and HRO and HRIT outsourcing
  • Human capital management
  • Workforce management, staffing, and technology
  • Medical business services (health care business services)
  • CRM, Marketing services and customer acquisition services
  • Software, SaaS, and technology services, technology enabled business services

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