Perform Business Process™ is a blue print for organizations to follow and lead them to the next stage of their development by improving three business aspects strategy, tactics and operations.

Perform Business Process

The goal is to create wealth for founders and shareholders.

Our proprietary methodology for wealth creation, the Perform Business Process™ was developed specifically for software and BPO outsourcing service businesses. It is a proven methodology for increasing valuations and thus shareholder returns.

Perform Business Process™

Perform Business Process


Perform Business Process™ was developed for businesses that depend on the daily performance of its employees.


The best managers and owners of companies play to their strengths. But brilliance in one functional area does not necessarily translate into long-term success in the marketplace. Ephor Group applies our Perform Business Process™ to the company in a holistic approach, identifying and solving critical strategic challenges.

As important Ephor also bridges the gap between inconsistent operating execution and expectations. Serving in an interim advisory role, we draw on a deep operational heritage and hands-on approach to deliver improved performance.


Contact Ephor Group for a pragmatic, no-obligation assessment of your situation.


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