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Go-To-Market Revenue Growth.

An Ephor Group Briefing on Sales Go-To-Market Practices.


Lists are outdated.

Leveraging eMarketing and social networking to create qualified opportunities is the current best practice.

What is more logical?

  • Spending dollars with media publications in the hope that eNewsletter and banner ads will create leads?

  • Buying aged emails from list providers?

  • Engaging prospects online using eMarketing, Social Media, and Networking tools to create a qualified database of prospects that are already browsing and opted-in?

90% of professionals use tools such as FaceBook or LinkedIn. Also, they can be found online. For example using Jigsaw or quoted in news: releases, announcements, events, webinars, etc..

Creating predictable, sustained sales growth is easy once marketing and sales opportunity generation systems are "turned on". Organizations achieve “best-in-class” market performance when marketing and sales are made scalable and predictable using these systems coupled with marketing assets and probability selling.

The 10 Driving Forces of Growth

    1. Sell to markets that are growing and expanding. Think innovative companies, franchisers , healthcare, safety, security, technology, or anything federal or government related, etc..

    2. Brand yourself and be #1 or #2 in all markets, products.

    3. Engage prospects and clients regularly with relevant and compelling content.

    4. Leverage Marketing Assets to improve sales conversion rates and the number of “At-Bat” attempts.  If your team is having to pick up the phone and cold call there can never be any scalability or predictability.

    5. Leverage alternative distribution: channel partners, alliances, eCommerce, etc..

    6. Be Intelligent; know your prospects buying drivers and habits before meeting with them.

    7. Nurture your prospects from browsers to buyers.B2B studies show that it now takes eight (8) nurturing interactions with a qualified sales prospect for them to have brand recognition and champion interest in a product or solution. 

    8. Maturate your prospects to the benefits and outcomes of your “solution” to their top business priorities (not your product or service).

    9. Implement lead scoring and real-time lead routing.

    10. Be found online when buyers are researching, evaluating, and searching.







Executives have three options for growth. What's the best investment of your resources?

Read more about the 3 options for growth.


What's the best investment of your sales GoToMarket resources?

  • Push marketing (Direct Marketing & Telemarketing / Telesales)
  • Pull marketing (Brand, PR, eMarketing, Social Marketing, Internet Marketing)
  • Direct sales (Probability Selling best practices)
  • Alternative distribution (3rd party agents, channel sales, VARs, strategic alliances, etc.)
  • Customer loyalty


Today’s difficult economic climate and operating environment creates complex challenges to creating exponential growth. The current economic realities place more stress and new constraints on leadership to make the right decisions and adjust their financial models and business dynamics.  In this new economic reality, it’s critical that leadership maximize the entire spectrum of growth opportunities, including those initiatives around M&A and Corporate Development. 


By employing specific tactics, processes and best practices that mitigate both investment and execution risks, the stated business objectives can be achieved, even in this most difficult economic environment.


Ensuring your success is all about increasing your probabilities of success. Increase your probabilities of success by utilizing a

  1. Portfolio approach to attracting, retaining, and growing.
    1. Use multiple routes to market
    2. Sell multiple solutions to multiple segments/markets
  2. Implement real-time market and competitive INTELLIGENCE routines to constantly re-evaluate and adjust strategies and tactics.


“The goal is wealth creation by driving shareholder value through the use of efficient GoToMarket methodologies and experienced execution,” said Garry E. Meier, Chairman of Ephor Group.   “Creating wealth is all about creating the qualities of right: the right strategy, with the right people, with the right model, and the right business process. Our GrowthWEDGE approach provides the required operational execution support and risk mitigation strategies that every strategy warrants.”

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Chairman: Garry E. Meier

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