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Garry Meier and Michael Garfield Talk Wealth Creation Strategies for Technology Executives.


Garry was a guest on Michael Garfield's Saturday radio show to talk about about wealth creation for technology executives in today's economy. Listen here: Garry E. Meier Answers How-To Create Wealth for Technology Executives (tune in to hear Garry's podcast with the High Tech Texan).

Garry & Michael discussed:

  1. What are the current and long-term effects of the economic recession on small businesses?
  2. What makes Houston especially viable for technology entrepreneurship?
  3. How would a technology company executive create wealth?

Join Michael Garfeld, the High Tech Texan, weekdays from 10 till noon, and Saturdays from 11 to 2pm.



About Michael Garfield, the High Tech Texan:

Michael Garfield aka the "High Tech Texan®" also commonly known as a "Technology Evangelist" is the go-to expert for several media outlets in Texas and on the Web, Michael keeps up with the newest technology with a passion. He began his broadcasting segments in the late 1990's on the Houston NBC-TV affiliate and continues today with syndicated programs to radio and TV stations and print publications across the country. 

Michael hosts radio programs six days a week on his flagship station in Houston, The 9-5-0. "The High-Tech Texan ® Show with Michael Garfield" airs each Saturday with industry guests, listener call-ins, product reviews, tips and opinions. "The Michael Garfield Show" runs weekdays from 9am - 11am allowing Michael to open up his topics, takes, thoughts and caller interaction. 

As a key figure in the technology industry, Michael regularly appears at conferences and across the media to speak about technology products and services, cyberspace issues and related topics. Recent media appearances include CNBC, FOX and various CBS and ABC affiliates. 

Michael gained experience in the communications, marketing and promotion areas with companies like Clear Channel, Microsoft, MCI, Bank One and ProServ Sports Management. But it was his first job out of college that propelled his drive to evangelize products in front of masses. Read more about Michael Garfield The High Tech Texan





About Garry E. Meier

Garry E. Meier is the founder and chairman of Ephor Group, an advisory firm based in Houston Texas that focuses exclusively on business-to-business mid-market technology and service providers ranging from entrepreneurs seeking fast growth to emerging enterprises looking to carve out a new niche in their industry. With more than 34 years of experience, Meier is well known as an industry thought leader and speaker on many topics, including strategic effectiveness, outsourcing, useful capital, institutional capital, and economic  trends for small business.

Read more about Creating Wealth in 2011.


About TeXchange

The Houston Chapter of Technology Entrepreneur’s Exchange (TeXchange) is a statewide non-profit 501 (c)(3) member-based organization that supports the economic growth and prosperity of technology companies in major Texas metropolitan areas. TeXchange also maintains chapters in Dallas and Austin.

TeXchange is committed to being a conduit for exchanging helpful ideas and insights that contribute to the growth of the member companies through high-quality networking and continuing business education dinner seminars. These seminars feature the “who’s who” in the technology community as speakers and panelists.

Mission: To provide a relevant resource and knowledge network to enable executives of technology businesses in the creation of wealth and shareholder value by creating sustainable business models.

Membership TeXchange member companies typically have revenues from $1 million to $20 million and are represented by technology business leaders and entrepreneurs, venture and private equity investors, technology lenders, and key supporting organizations. Members pay an annual fee of $140 plus $25 per dinner seminar that they attend.


While 2011 poses many challenges, significant opportunities do exist for growth through innovation and investment. Nimble businesses that can respond and change to effectively reposition and compete differently and better. 

“The goal is wealth creation by driving shareholder value through the use of efficient growth methodologies and experienced execution,” said Garry E. Meier, Chairman of Ephor Group.   “Creating wealth is all about creating the qualities of right: the right strategy, with the right people, with the right model, and the right business process. Our approach provides the required operational execution support and risk mitigation strategies that every enterprise warrants.”

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