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Join us in 2012: Houston TeXchange 2012 Events Schedule and Curriculum


Read here the list of Houston technology networking events and schedule for 2012.


Houston TeXchange 2011 Curriculum Recap:


The Houston Chapter of TeXchange is part of a statewide non-profit 501 (c)(3) member-based organization that supports the economic growth and prosperity of technology companies in major Texas metropolitan areas. TeXchange also operates chapters in Dallas and Austin.


TeXchange is a conduit for exchanging helpful ideas and insights that contribute to the growth of member companies through high-quality networking and continuing business education dinner seminars.



These dinner seminars feature the “who’s who” in the technology community as speakers and panelists. TeXchange member companies typically have generated annual revenue of $2 million to $50 million and are represented by technology business leaders and entrepreneurs, venture and private equity investors, technology lenders and key supporting organizations.


The mission of Houston TeXchange is to provide a relevant resource and knowledge network to enable executives of technology businesses in the creation of wealth and shareholder value by building sustainable business models.


Houston TeXchange Inaugural Founding Year Curriculum:



The Houston Chapter hosts a series of networking events and dinner seminars that are led by distinguished speakers and presenters with enviable credentials whose comments are focused on business growth and profitability. The content of all seminars is a synthesis of information, strategies and experiences that equip TeXchange members to adapt to their current business and market conditions while also preparing for effective expansion. Through an “exchange” or direct dialog with seminar leaders and group roundtable discussions, members and guests gain access to lessons learned and anecdotal information that can be applied to their own business operations.


To deliver on the “exchange” promise, each TeXchange dinner seminar features in-depth table discussions that are facilitated by table leaders and a question and answer session with the guest speakers.  Members receive a comprehensive recap within a few business days of the dinner meeting. All TeXchange dinner seminars are hosted from 6 to 9p.m.. TeXchange events are open to both members and non-members. The cost to attend is $25 for members and $35 for non-members. Speaker and panelist information is available four to six weeks in advance of seminars via the TeXchange Web site at www.TeXchange.org.


Business Model Reengineering:  The  Playbook for Success in the New Economy: Terry Peltes, National Managing Partner Tatum CFO Advisory, CFO Advisory Services

Strategies for Growth in 2011:
Rob Solomon, CEO & Founder Bulldog Solutions

Growth Options & Expansion Capabilities:
Panel: Houston Lane, Bill Leake and Jack Barry Sr.

Driving Profitability: Finance and Expense Management Primer for CEOs:
Panel Speakers: Curtis Hartman , Jason Ludeke, & Jeff Brown

How Do Advisors & External Resources Enable Wealth Creation: Governance, Risks Management and Perspectives Panel Speakers: Newt Hamlin, Jack Plunkett, & Dennis Murphree

Management Effectiveness. Panel: Chris Melson and Gray Hall

Useful Capital and Financing.
This seminar will present information on financing options, including how to identify “useful capital” providers and tips on ways that boards or advisors can be helpful when considering financing options.


 “TeXchange’s technology-centric businesses and their leaders learn from each other and the speakers who participate in our seminars.  TeXchange assists members in accelerating the growth or their venture so that they can contribute to the local economy, and create wealth for themselves and their stakeholders,” explained Garry Meier, chairman of the TeXchange Houston Chapter and chairman of Ephor Group (one of the TeXchange sponsors).


What makes TeXchange unique is our audience demographics, our curriculum of seminars that address current management issues and challenges, and our approach to delivering high value to our members. TeXchange complements and aligns with other Houston area organizations focused on technology entrepreneurship and economic development.”


The Houston Chapter of TeXchange is governed by a local Board of Directors who strengthens the chapter through their local relationships and affiliations. Board members for the 2010-2011 term include:

Table discussion leaders include:

In addition to Ephor Group, other sponsors include Aventine Hill Partners Inc.; Fizer, Beck, Webster, Bentley & Scroggins; Oracle; PKF Texas; and Weaver LLP. 

Who should join Houston TeXchange?

C-level executives of Houston technology dependent businesses with a desire to learn, improve their skills, and create wealth.  Members include business executives of technology enabled businesses that range from $2 to $50M in annual revenues along with businesses that are dependent upon technology to execute their business models. 

“The goal of our inaugural year is to create a shared knowledge base among the membership on how to create wealth thru the development and execution of efficient business models,” said Garry E. Meier, Chairman of Ephor Group and Chairman of TeXchange Houston.   “Creating wealth is all about creating the qualities of right: the right strategy, with the right people, with the right model, and the right business process. The TeXchange’s platform provides executives with a forum and the resources to enhance their skills and create wealth thru effective business models.”

To be notified of future events email us at: Houston[at]texchange.org

Contact Houston TeXchange:
Membership Director Houston TeXchange, Charles Bedard

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