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Ephor Group Sponsors' HTC's 10th Anniversary Gala, A Celebration of Entrepreneurs


Ephor Group is proud to be a sponsor of the Gala benefiting HTC's 10th Anniversary Gala


“A Celebration of Entrepreneurs”, HTC's annual gala, is scheduled for Thursday, May 14th, 2009. Spotlighting our Honoree, Robert C. McNair, Founder and CEO of the Houston Texans, as well as 60 of Houston's landmark entrepreneurs, this year's event will be a red carpet gala to remember. We are extremely pleased to have Javier & Lucinda Loya, Dan & Allison Parsley, and Steve & Leticia Trauber as co-chairs for the event. Joining them, as honorary co-chairs, are Michael Holthouse, Anne Mendelsohn, John Mendelsohn, Walter E. Johnson, L.E. Simmons and Matthew R. Simmons.








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