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Brand Research Services


The value of a brand is more important than ever before. Being known and valued as a branded sector leader is key to having capital efficient revenue growth.

  • Is your brand known as a leader?
  • Is your brand contributing to your sales effectiveness?

Download the Small Business Playbook Brand Market Research Signals Shift from Traditional Time Software to Workforce Management
A traditional software vendor rebrands as a Workforce Management leader and sees growth take off!


Payroll Services HR SoftwareOnline Brand Strategy supports Beyond Payroll Services Launch
An online brand strategy to represent the company online as the leader it is offline



GoToMarket Research Services


Market research is the cornerstone of an effective strategy.

Download the Small Business Playbook

BPO Revenue Growth Case Study

Revenue growth expansion via GoToMarket sales and marketing community focused campaigns

Software Revenue Growth

Software Revenue Growth Case Study

Revenue growth strategies for emerging enterprises

Download the Small Business Playbook

Revenue Growth Case Study: From HR Staffing to HR Solutions

An HR staffing company learns to tHRive with a solutions centric approach


Download the Small Business Playbook

GoToMarket Product Launch Staffing


Download the Small Business Playbook

GoToMarket Product Launch IT Services


Download the Small Business Playbook

GoToMarket Launch Telesales Inside Sales Channel

More case studies available upon request.



M&A Research Services

We produce fully qualified and maturated mergers and acquisitions.

Read more about our M&A intelligence research services.


Strategies for Revenue Growth


Overcoming Barriers to Revenue Growth PDF download.
Contact Ephor for a case study on any of the below strategies for improving revenue:

1.Your brand’s impact on operating KPIs (Sales Close Rate%).

2.Online Brand Rankings Index (Cost Per Lead $).

3.Portfolio of Revenue Sources (Cost Per Lead $).

4.Win & Loss Analysis (Sales Close Rate%).

5.Raving Fans PR Strategy (WOM #).

6.Market Research Competitive Intelligence (Margin Intelligence %).

7.Revenue Strategy Outperforms the Competition (Cost of Sales $).

8.Routes to Market: Opportunity Mapping (Average Sales Value $).

9.Alternative Distribution Channel Strategies (Cost of Sales %).

10.Portfolio of Solutions (NLTV $, Market Share %).


Client Results by Industry

Market Research Intelligence Case Studies


Ephor Group helps companies "Solve the Value Equation" by identifying revenue opportunities. Our approach follows our pragmatic, metrics driven methodology and is a holistic approach which connects strategy to performance.

Technology Services "Yellow Brick Road" Client Testimonial


B2B Services Market Research Intelligence Case Study

Revenue Growth Initiative for Marketing Provider 

Revenue Growth Initiative for Recruitment Technology Provider


Looking for more detailed information?
We tell companies things about their competitive position that they could never find out for themselves.
Contact us here for an introduction to our research methodologies or for a more detailed case study for your industry.



Owners and financial types are always telling me that their company has a sales or capital shortage problem—and 100% of the time ineffective processes, lack of outside perspectives, and flawed operating support structures are the root cause barrier to creating wealth.
- Garry E. Meier
The Value Equation

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