Every engagement with Ephor Group starts with an assessment:

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HR matters. Quality HR practices create capabilities that result in a better performing workforce. HR strategy is a key differentiator for financially successful organizations. Many organizations have grown to a point where HR needs outside support to build consensus on how to best add value to the near and long-term goals of the company. 

Ephor Group improves HR by collaborating to build a shared reality of a better workforce.  Ephor helps organizations demonstrate the value of human resources.  Ephor has the track-record and expertise to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and alignment of the HR function and its Human Capital programs.

Using a proven model that looks at HR across three dimensions — strategy, programs and operations — we align HR infrastructure, technology and vendors to better support the business. Lastly, we maximize savings and effectiveness.

Our unique expertise starts with building a “Perform” roadmap and continues through implementation of precise goals and concludes with HR being more valued by the rest of the organization.

Ephor Group will provide an HR Assessment for the troubled Finance or HR executive.  The Ephor hypothesis is that many mid-market companies with 500 to 5,000 employees have the following landscape:

  • Company is experiencing growing pains from organic growth and acquisition  
  • Manual and/or disparate processes and technology systems
  • Rising labor, benefits, and people costs without a clear plan for improvement
  • HR is overworked, undervalued, and slotted for administration or transactional tasks
  • HR needs to help build consensus with its management and functional peers
  • HR and the business want to consolidate vendors, streamline operations, and reduce costs
  • Technology viewed as a need-to-have not a value-added component 
  • Employee web services in demand by employees

Ephor Assessment Outcomes:

  • Establish position against industry benchmarks
  • Identify methods for streamlining and/or maximizing HR and reducing costs
  • Technology and vendor assessment
  • Detailed organizational roadmap and action plan for improvement

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All assessments, engagements, and professional services use our Perform Business Process™ created by Garry Meier and proven to work with technology and service based businesses.

Practice areas: Go-To-Market, Operational Performance Improvement, Growth Capital and Corporate Development.

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