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Executives have three (3) options for growth.


a) Organic Growth: sell the same offering to the same markets. At maturity companies typically grow 4% to 8% via organic growth (need to grow 3% for inflation). Target <10% growth rate per year.


b) Expansion of Existing Offering: sell the same offering to new segments and/or markets. After cost of resources deployment growth is typically 10% to 20%.


c) Expansion into additional products and services. Target >20% growth.

If a business is effectively organically growing there are compelling reasons to evaluate expansion. If a business is not a top quartile performer within its existing industry and market expansion is not recommended. Reasons to expand include:

  • As they say: "Service businesses are either growing or shrinking" Growth is a good motivator for employees.
  • Top quartile performers have access to capital: both debt, equity and mezzanine.

Our approach ensures acquisitions enhance valuations and are forecastable and ensures integrations realize the necessary timelines and results.

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