Ephor Group is an advisory firm that provides expertise, resources and useful capital for emerging businesses.

GrowthSTEP™ Services

Ephor Group provides services needed to efficiently grow, outperform the competition, attract useful institutional investor capital, and create wealth.


Why Companies Need GrowthSTEP:

In today’s market overcoming resource and talent constraints, increased competition and changing competitive landscapes, and coupled with the fact that B2B buyers require almost immediate ROI from a branded solutions provider makes operating a business a real challenge.  

GrowthSTEP™ is our scientific, metrics and ROI oriented approach to creating capital efficient strategies that outperform the competition.

GrowthSTEP™ is based on the following useful capital management practices:

GrowthSTEP™ identifies the most attractive expansion opportunities and provides the tactical execution required.


Developed in the mid-90’s based on best practices learned within IBM and Edward Jones & Co. and validated and used by numerous high profile branded private equity firms such as Baird Capital Partners & Baird Ventures, Austin Ventures, Frotenac, etc, GrowthSTEP™ provides both the strategic revenue strategies as well as execution intelligence for “asset light” technology enabled service businesses to resource efficiently grow.

Ephor’s GrowthSTEP™ methodology combines a precise and highly focused approach, delivered with deep domain experience and results by proven “C” level executives, supported by a proprietary and proven process, resulting in the achievement of the growth and development objectives of our client company.


With GrowthSTEP™, operational execution is guaranteed.

Contact us at ephor[at]ephorgroup.com for a pragmatic, no-obligation overview of the GrowthSTEP™ methodology and case study results for your industry sector.


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