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GoToMarket Intelligence Research Services

Solving the Value Equation for Perform Businesses.

Our approach improves company valuations and business model effectiveness. Our project service capabilities include:

  • Market Intelligence to support product or market expansion including the identification and onboarding of new clients.  
    • Expansion (Portfolio, Geographic, Channel)
    • Sector leadership (Brand, Product, Capabilities)

  • Opportunity Mapping: Market research to identify and onboard new partners and clients including Pricing Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Mystery Shopping, Client experience optimization, sales process optimization, and market research surveys.

At Ephor Group, measuring success is a simple equation. For additional information please contact Charles Bedard.





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Market Research Intelligence


B2B GoToMarket Research


We work exclusively with B2B technology enabled services with software and BPO outsourcing or healthcare service capabilities. The benefits of our approach includes:

  1. Increased capability effectiveness.
  2. Near-term results.
  3. Stronger market leadership.
  4. Accelerate growth and expansion.
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Is your business at its maximum equity value?
- Garry E. Meier
The Value Equation

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