Our thesis process is the heart of our wealth creation strategy; it enables the pragmatic engineering of platform businesses for the betterment of all stakeholders.

Ephor's Investment Strategy Research Approach


Ephor's approach for each client includes the development of an investment plan which includes the strategy, execution plan and detailed operating playbook to create wealth.


We focus exclusively on markets with significant unsatisfied market demand such as healthcare business services, B2B SaaS solution providers, CRM and frontoffice BPO, and backoffice IT and HR services.


Today's market is rich with demand for technology enabled businesses services. When asset-light, labor intensive businesses are coupled with technology and focus on providing a unique value-proposition to a highly defined audience; wealth creation moves from probable to inevitable.

We only focus on areas where our principals have invested. And we consult and work with dozens of technology and service businesses in our industry sectors each year to update our insights and understandings.

email Ephor for access to an investment research strategy thesis for your industry sector.


HRTech eRecruiting

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