Ephor Group is an advisory firm that provides expertise, resources and useful capital for emerging businesses.

Entrepreneur Friendly Growth Capital

We believe that wealth creation requires the best strategy and a useful capital partnership. Because for entrepreneurs, aligning with a "Useful Capital" partner is key to a harmonious and wealth producing outcome.

Ephor Group provides our client companies with "Entrepreneur Friendly Useful Capital" and is a true operating partner that has a track-record of success in BPO outsourcing and technology services.   

What is Entrepreneur Friendly Capital?


It's growth capital that preserves the entrepreneurs and key founders' equity.

While growth is hard; what is clear is that entrepreneurs need useful capital to scale, achieve their market potential, and create wealth.


For entrepreneurs there is a better option than sacrificing long-term wealth for short-term venture capital. “Entrepreneur Friendly Capital” is a blended instrument which combines the best of equity capital and debt financing. Essentially, the instrument is convertible to debt at an approved rate, does not inhibit the cash flow of the current operations and ensures growth capital for the business without loss of control. Entrepreneur friendly capital is the alignment of interests between founders and financiers.


Jumping the Chasm from a Subscale Business to a Scaled Enterprise
Jumping the chasm from a “subscale business” to what financial investors and strategic buyers consider a “scaled enterprise” is really difficult .


Did you know that less than 1% of new business achieves $10 million in annual revenues in their first ten years? Of these, six out of every ten fail to “jump the chasm from subscale or scale”.


For any businesses, growing beyond its subscale stage requires a smart plan for growth.

Define Success Differently. Define Success as Wealth Creation.
It’s an old but true cliché: Businesses are either growing or dying. We understand the challenge of positioning your company for long-term success. We’ve been there – as entrepreneurs and operators focused on building businesses and engineering wealth creation. Creating wealth not only requires a great business staffed with a talented team; it also requires a strategy for wealth creation. Plus, owners do not cash large checks until their companies achieve scale. And please remember, attracting ‘Entrepreneur Friendly Useful Capital’ is fundamental to creating wealth!


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