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The Current M&A Model is Broken: Acquisition & Integration Best Practices.


An Ephor Group Briefing on Acquisition and Integration Best Practices.


Typical M&A: The transaction professionals responsible for due diligence had years of experience, but did not get deep enough into the details of the employee roster to identify and mange this aspect of the transaction. 

Obviously this unidentified risk and unmanaged risk had a dramatic negative impact on the investment.

Proactive involvement of professionals in the due diligence process is critical to managing investment risk and execution risks.

Growth whether driven organically, through M&A or strategic partnering simply is not easy especially in the difficult economic conditions we currently face. Therefore we as investors and executives must adjust our thinking and business processes to be more effective and manage all risks.

Growth through acquisition has long been a strategy to accelerate revenue and capabilities as well as drive stakeholder value.  However history and data have proven this strategy for growth to be quite risky, causing it to in generally fail to accomplish desired business objectives.  Despite its anticipated potential, study after study has shown that 70% of M&A transactions actually decrease stakeholder value rather than improve it.


During 2010 Ephor Group has compiled our findings and “lessons learned” and offers the following guidance and risk management concepts to effectively manage this identified, but often undermanaged investment risk.


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