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Corporate Development Services

Expansion is the key to growth.







The Ephor Group has developed, implemented, and refined over the past 12 years our approach to corporate development which ensures growth initiatives are accretive to improved valuation and enhance the business model portfolio and thus improve the wealth of the entity.


This approach has been instrumental in the development and success of numerous transformational and industry sector leadership business models. 


Charles Bedard Corporate Development Services The Ephor Strategy


The gap which Ephor Group's corporate development services fill is management of the transition from a subscale business to a scaled enterprise and ultimately a market sector leader. Scaled enterprise size varies by sector, but includes zero founder financial dependencies.


Our approach ensures success.













Corporate Development Benefits:

  1. Evaluate inorganic sales models which are more cost-effective than "feet-on-the-street"
  2. Expand footprint (geography, portfolio, and capabilities)
  3. Increase economies of scale
  4. Raise valuation multiple
  5. Find more cost-effective talent
  6. Acquire competencies
  7. Acquire Market Research Intelligence for strategy planning including:  Pricing Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Mystery Shopping, Client experience optimization, sales process optimization, and market research surveys.

Download Ephor's approach to Corporate Development.

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