Ephor Group is a strategic advisor for businesses that want to create wealth.

Approach – proven, pragmatic, and performance driven.

Ephor Group combines our advisory capabilities with useful capital through our independent sponsor role to create wealth for founders and shareholders. 

For software and BPO service providers whom exhibit best-in-class operating performance attributes, Ephor Group provides the resources where a lack of useful capital is constraining the business from realizing its potential.

Ephor Group’s approach is very pragmatic: we advise owners, capital providers, and senior management how to create additional distribution venues and portfolio offerings, and optimize growth performance with a focus on creating wealth for founders and shareholders.


We are not day-to-day operators of the business; however we work with management to add value in a variety of areas including:
• Providing useful capital (liquidity event planning and/or investment capital)
• Introductions to customers and industry contacts
• Recruiting additional talent
• M&A acquisition and business development opportunities
• Strategic analysis and guidance
• BOD (board) governance and leadership expertise

Ephor Group provides our portfolio clients with expertise, the required skills and access to useful capital to ensure the potential of the business model is achieved.  Read more about Ephor’s client companies that have created wealth; i.e. our track-record of success.


Benefits of Ephor Group

While the demands of each client are unique, our approach is holistic, structured, and consistent. With each client we ensure that the best game plan for wealth is created and implemented; thus we enable founders and shareholders to achieve their wealth goals.

"Ninety-nine percent of the time, the CEO does not have the internal resources or capabilities that need to be addressed. We solve those gaps constraining the business." - Garry E. Meier, Ephor Group Founder.


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