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Ephor Group's Philosophy on Creating Wealth for VARs

Wealth will be created for resellers and solutions providers that embrace the following attributes:


VAR Marketplace

The changing landscape, such as the shift away from licensed software to SaaS or cloud, creates significant opportunity.


And there is a clear difference between market leaders and laggards in terms of human capital productivity, sales performance, and revenue growth. In fact, the best run VARs are outpacing rivals in several key areas such as quality of distribution channels, market reach, and brand market share (i.e. awareness and recognition by top buyers and influencers.


Today, the vast majority of business outsource some function(s) and administrative processes with the scope of services depending upon the company’s maturity and complexity. 

  1. Accordingly, BPO (business process outsourcing) and SaaS (software-as-a-service) has grown beyond providing tax services, bookkeeping, and receivables management to multi-process, multi-functional providers delivered via a SaaS platform.
  2. The demand drivers have shifted from license software to SaaS solutions, from cost savings to capability enabling solutions, and from functional specific to business-centric solutions.
  3. Adoption and utilization of software is improving based on the latest technologies ability to meet today’s work requirements (one-click reporting and drill-down, mobile and tablet ready, etc.).

What will satisfy the needs of buyers is simplifying the technology and functional processes with a business-centric mindset. 


The VAR marketplace is a highly competitive and fragmented industry that is poised for enormous growth in the next decade as companies fight to maintain their competitiveness and profitability. If you are an outsourcing provider, aggressively targeting small business and the mid-market enterprises, it is critical to secure your position of this marketplace.



Do you have the right revenue model?


Unless your company is outperforming the competition and owners are satisfied with the valuation then the answer is : “NO.”


Ephor Group provides revenue management services for a few select sectors. Marketing cannot fix a product, revenue model, nor a company. But Ephor will provide services to create multiple sources of revenue through tiered channels.


Depending on the maturity of your organization; the complexity of the revenue model builds upon itself creating predictability based on overlapping constructs (multiple players, multiple distribution channels from both direct and indirect channels, multiple verticals, a portfolio of products and solutions, and client lifecycle management).


Vendor Evaluation & Selection


Based on our expertise in the technology outsourcing arenas, we can provide industry reports on software and technology providers as well as outsourcing providers.


Contact us at ephor[@]ephorgroup.com if you want to know the major players or leaders for any of the following:

  • SaaS Financial Management (ERP)
  • Outsourced Financial Management
  • Revenue Management (PRM or SFA or CRM or SPM) & Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Services
  • HR including HRMS, HRIS, Talent Management
  • Human Resource Services
  • IT Management, Network Management
  • IT Services, i.e. IT Outsourcing

Questions Answered by Ephor Group:

Opportunity. Who are the key players, key providers?  What are the trends and drivers, pricing intelligence, “Unit of One Economics” and other key criteria buyers should know before buying?

Landscape. Who will be around in 3 years? Which providers have the best service? The best operating model?  Also includes: history and satisfaction.

SWOT. What are pros and cons of each?




Selling to the Small Business & Mid-Market

Outsourcing Criteria Weight

Beyond startups, there is always a group or committee responsible for evaluating and purchasing software, technology, or an outsourcing solution.


The sales challenge as a provider is identifying these committee members, their roles, and creating buying and sponsorship from all influencers.


What to look for in an outsourcing provider?

  1. Pricing:
    • Implementation Fees,
    • Training costs
    • License versus Subscription versus Pay-per-Transaction
  2. Services Delivery Model: Technology Augmentation versus Platform Providers
  3. Holistic versus Point oriented
  4. Flexibility and/or customization requirements
  5. Success Stories




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