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Did you know that 70% of acquisitions fail to deliver positive ROI?


GrowthMap™ ensures top quartile results. Our approach is based on the following beliefs:

  • Acquisitions (A&I) are an operational initiative with financial results as the outcome.
  • Proper planning, preparation and prioritization creates predictable and consistent outcomes management.
  • Mapping risks, assets, milestones, assumptions, people, process, and systems is a requirement to success.

Ephor’s GrowthMap™ methodology combines a precise and highly focused approach, delivered with deep domain experience and results by proven “C” level executives, enhanced by a proprietary and proven process, resulting in the achievement of the growth and development objectives of the client company.  GrowthMap™approach ensures acquisitions enhance valuations and are forecastable and ensures integrations realize the necessary timelines and results.


Our MAPPING approach creates predictable and consistent outcomes management.

  • Mapping of the existing landscape, resources, and economics ensures a work plan and change management program that will ensure the acquisition delivers against the targeted objectives because it enables the employees and the key stakeholder's to follow the plan.
  • Alignment of all constituents is done early and often.

  • Performance-Orientation is established and communicated and effectively championed.

  • Principles of A&I (Acquisition and Integration) developed over the past three decades are applied and championed.

  • Integration best practices are constantly updated and applied.

  • Near-term objectives and long-term goals are embedded within the organizational operating team.

  • Go to experts oversee progress, champion milestones, and insource best practices to the platform entity.

GrowthMap™ benefits include:

  1. Identification of risks, assets, and gaps.
  2. Integration of best-in-class best practices.
  3. Integration of capabilities, and competencies.
  4. Budgetable results (predictable timelines and outcomes).

Contact us at ephor[at]ephorgroup.com for a pragmatic, no-obligation overview of the GrowthMAP™ methodology and results.

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