Ephor Group creates wealth for our partners by transforming small businesses into an emerging platform or niche leader.

FlightPlan™: Ephor Go-To-Market Practice

Ephor Group creates wealth for our partners and portfolio companies by transforming small businesses into an emerging platform or niche leader. By increasing organizational effectiveness and efficiency and by optimizing productivity, service drivers, and key business processes financial results realize significant near and long-term improvement.

Assuming a significant market, the opportunity to create wealth is dependent upon the most efficient means to grow. Sizing the cost of customer acquisition and retention is paramount to growing more efficiently and effectively than competitors and substitutes. There are a number of parallel methods Ephor Group helps to achieve growth and wealth creation:

  • "Go to Market" Methodologies and Processes: Management of "Go to Market" Functions
    • Business Development
    • Chief Marketing Officer >> Product Management, Product Distribution Management, Brand Equities, Corporate Development & Acquisitions
    • Go-To-Market for new products and/or services
  • Alternative Distribution : Scaling Customer Acquisition

Ephor Group creates the strategy with you and then helps you implement the strategy. Ephor provides seasoned executives that have successfully launched and scaled fast-growth enterprises previously. Ephor Group serves as a bolt-on to your existing team for as little as a few months to a few years to insure the strategy and action plan recommended is fulfilled and measurable results realized. Ephor Group's involvement depends on the situation and varies from Board level guidance to interim C-level coaching and supporter, or we can also manage a specific function or project. We have people on the ground in regions around the world who know the cultures and can provide region specific skills.

Contact Ephor Group for a pragmatic, no-obligation assessment of your situation.

Download Go-To-Market Resources or read more about our Go-To-Market Revenue Practices



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