Ephor Group is a Management Advisory firm that invests resources in our clients to create wealth producing enterprises.

An Accelerator to Create Wealth Crossing the Chasm

The gap which Ephor Group's services fill is management of the transition from a subscale business to a scaled enterprise and ultimately a market sector leader. Scaled enterprise size varies by sector, but includes zero founder financial dependencies.


Our approach has been instrumental in the development and success of numerous transformational and industry sector leadership business models. 


The team at Ephor Group is an accelerator for founders to help them create wealth crossing the chasm via the following contributions:

  1. Key Contribution Factor:The Board of One. The strategies and leadership skill sets that work to start a company, versus the strategies to create wealth are not the same. The Board of One helps the CEO Entrepreneur make vision a reality.

  2. Key Contribution Factor: Use Management Science to Build a Perform Culture. There are no magic bullets.

The Board of One enables the CEO Entrepreneur to Achieve their Goals

How To Overcome The Single Most Common Entrepreneur Mistake

Ephor Group Solving the Value Equation

The Board of One™.

If indeed your objective is to create a sector leader, then the most common entrepreneur mistake is the failure to choose a singular business wealth advisor.


The majority of small business leaders, especially entrepreneurs, generally illustrate a background that is dominated by one or two functional areas of expertise. (i.e. technology/engineering, or sales/marketing) Therefore these leaders rarely are fully adequately skilled to effectively manage all the functional areas of a growing business. This has become especially prevalent in today’s economic environment.  As a result, the Ephor Group over the past 7 years has developed and refined a concept entitled “Board of One”.

The Big Idea. The Board of One objective is to provide the skills and resources necessary to augment those that the company leader simply does not illustrate in order to create the “CEO Entrepreneur.”

The Result.  The emerging company and its leaders will have at its accessibility and disposal, the complex skills required to create shareholder wealth. At Ephor we call this “Solving the Value Equation”.  Simply stated; crossing the chasm from a small lifestyle oriented business, to a wealth creation entity requires a CEO Entrepreneur supported by the Board of One.

Paradigm of Change.  Historically these skill deficiencies have been solved by retaining functional consultants to temporarily provide skills via a bottom-up or task oriented approach. In the new economy this approach has frequently failed. What has proven successful is a holistic approach that builds the long-term capability and capacity of the organization. The Board of One and the CEO Entrepreneur together ensure strategic planning is holistic and aligned with the wealth strategy, and that strategy is coupled with “best of breed” operational and execution capabilities.  Strategy without execution is a recipe for disaster.
Additionally, advisory boards or formal board of directors have proven likewise generally ineffective due to the fact that the entrepreneur simply does not have the time nor skills requisite to manage and facilitate effective outcomes from a pool of advisory resources. 


Vision Change. Designating one singular Board of One, dedicated to achieving the wealth strategy for your business is in the best interest of all shareholders. While most entrepreneurs play to their strengths, many have great difficulty turning over, or even sharing control. There is zero change of control. The Board of One simply augments the CEO Entrepreneur. The outcome is how entrepreneurs become CEO Entrepreneurs and not lose their company to stagnation nor financiers. 

For entrepreneurs to create wealth, they must learn to manage the company beyond its startup growth phases. The Board of One makes it possible for the CEO Entrepreneur to effectively lead. Being a successful leader requires many of the fundamental gifts and talents of an entrepreneur such as: Passionate and Confident Belief, Ability to Build and Lead a Team, Creativity, and Inspiration.  Entrepreneurs are natural leaders, therefore given the right skill and resource support they can transition to be successful CEO Entrepreneurs! In summary, the Board of One partners with the CEO Entrepreneur to make vision a reality. he Board of One creates the successful CEO Entrepreneur!


Building a Perform Culture using Management Science:


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