Ephor Group is a strategic advisor for businesses that want to create wealth.

Ephor Group – Solving the Value Equation.

Ephor Group's mission is to provide the resources required to enable technology, software and BPO outsourcing service businesses to achieve their wealth objectives.


Ephor Group Solving the Value Equation

Our approach is proven, investment research oriented, and performance based.  Founded by Garry E. Meier in 2003, Ephor Group has a history of helping businesses outperform the competition and achieve their wealth objectives.

At Ephor Group we believe that all stakeholders should have parallel and complimentary interests. We treat entrepreneurs, intermediaries, our investment partners, and our associates with respect coupled with a spirit of learning. We have a passion for sharing our knowledge and invite you to use this website as a knowledge resource library.

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Connect with Ephor in 2014 at one of the following events:

March 2014 11th Annual Texas ACG Capital Connection

May 2014 North America TechEd

June 2014 Annual SHRM Conference & Exposition

August 2014 IPPA Annual Conference

October 2014 HRTech Conference & Exposition

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Ephor Group is a strategic advisory firm which provides advisory services to technology software and BPOs.

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